What is ati catalyst install manager?

AMD catalyst (Ati Catalyst ) actually is a device driver and utility software package for video cards in AMD. It is a portion of the Catalyst control center or AMD vision application. Ati Catalyst manager is used for tuning more video settings, changing hardware settings, 2d or 3d video manipulation, monitor controls and many such functions. While changing any settings from ati catalyst center, it allows the user to see a short 3D preview to understand the impact of this change in video rendering quality.

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AMD Catalyst Control Center is made to give the user a better and stable video rendering. Its function is so handy and reliable that you can change GPU settings from any aspects easily and quickly. Also, it shows your video card information and software data. So you can easily understand your GPU information. Changing GPU settings from ati catalyst control center can enhance your gaming experience and the quality of playback of your online video content or movies.

Do I need ATI Catalyst Install Manager on your desktop or laptop?

If you wish, you can install it in your system but actually it is okay to not install it. Because operating systems always have a base level set of drivers that should point to the AMD video cards. But if you install it you can tune more settings than you get in the base drivers in ATi Catalyst. If it’s useful to you, keep it. Otherwise not as your AMD-based video card will work just fine without it.

About ati Catalyst manager installation

For now, the most common and stable version is 15.7.1. This version of driver builds on the optimizations and progresses that are provided with the AMD Catalyst 15.7 driver.

You can download and install the ati catalyst manager software from here.

How to uninstall ati catalyst install manager?

If you don’t need the Catalyst Manager then you can uninstall from your Programs and Features. Just simply open the Programs and Features then find ATI Catalyst Install Manager in the list. Click on it and then select uninstall. Another way to uninstall it is to go to the installation folder of ATI Catalyst Install Manager then look for the uninstall.exe file. Then uninstall it.