Gaming is a common thing nowadays to the kids and peoples like to use the short form of words to make the conversation quick if we take some example, GG. GG means in chat great game or good game. Sounds odd to you? But to be honest this is very common to gamers. Besides, they use a lot of things like this. However, In the following article, I am going to explain what does it means F in the chat. Let’s go.

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What Does it mean?

Press F or F in the chat used to show respect when someone gives you bad news and you are showing condolences to him. It may sound odd to normal peoples, but to gamers, it’s very common and this thing came from a game called call of duty. If you search in some meme groups or forums of call of duty you will get it.

How does it come?

COD – call of duty is a first-person video game that is published by Activision. The first release was in 2003 and at that time it just focused on games set in World War II. Later the game series has seen games set on outer space, futuristic worlds, and so on.

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which was published in 2014, there was a scene that the main character attends a funeral of a character who died in a plane explosion. In the on-screen instruction, there was written to pay respect press “F”. After pressing “F”, the main character shows respect by holding the coffin.

From that time, it became very common to the gamers, seems funny right?

What Else Can “F” mean?

Nowadays we use Facebook groups or messenger groups to share our thoughts or to get help. It’s very common when someone asked anything by posting in groups, people comment “F”. It means Following. People comment “F” when he also needs to know the answer. So, if anyone answers the question, he will get a notification and he can get the answer.

There is an alternative to this. You can turn on notification for the post instead of commenting “F”. How to do that?

  • Open the Post you want to get notification when someone comments.
  • There will be 3 dots near to author’s name, press it.
  • At bottom of the popup, there will be an option named “Turn on Notifications for this Post”, just click on it. So, If anyone comments on the post, you will get a notification.

F can be also used as Slang. But it really depends on the context. Without context, it’s really hard to say what the author tried to say using F.

When Should you use F in the chat?

If you are in a group chat or in Discord and you get sad news of someone dead or accident, then you should use F. Note that, if the person is not familiar with this F word, then I will suggest not to use it as it can make misunderstanding. Also, don’t use this word with your superior.

Gamers are very familiar with this, so you can use this with your gaming partners. 

Any Alternative of F in the chat?

There is no word like “F” to show respect. But, if you don’t want to use F, you can directly explain your thoughts by writing. For example: very sad to hear, I feel sad after hearing the news, please be strong. This Looks very formal and it is decent. 

Button F uses In-game

Button F is Used very commonly in games. For example: If you are playing a Multiplayer game like PUBG, to pick up guns or to open doors, the button F is used. This button is commonly used in all games. In each game, it has a different role. To get the information on the button F, you can check the controls.