Basically, SocialBlade is used for tracking your statistics and measuring growth across multiple social media platforms including YouTube. It gives us an overview of a youtube channel or any social account activities. For example, you want to know a targeted youtube channel’s views, earnings, subscribers & ranks and you can get all of those statistics from SocialBlade.

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SocialBlade will show the estimated amount of a YouTube channel but those estimates are not accurate all the time. It will show you that their earnings can be from 1K-3.5K dollars. But it is not an accurate statement as the earning can be any amount between those particular numbers. So, this won’t give the visitors a certain answer keeping them in darkness.

Fundamentally, SocialBlade gives you an estimate of the money made per view, multiplied by the actual number of views this channel has. So if you have about 200k views on all of your videos, and the average made from ads is $1 per 1000 views, then SocialBlade would display $200 of income. So is SocialBlade accurate? No.

That’s why SocialBlade is not pretty accurate because that will give the visitor a wrong answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is socialblade?

    SocialBlade is a statistics that allows you to track statistics and growths of Youtube channel, Facebook Page or any other social media platforms.