“Android.process.acore” is one of the common error messages which a lot of android users face and it is caused when cache data is corrupted. Whenever your device tries to get the cache for running background it throws a crash report.

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This error is not limited to android mobiles, it happens to android based TVs and other devices too.

What is the reason for this error:

  • Contact app data error
  • Installing custom ROM
  • Error while upgrading OS
  • Virus Attack on the device
  • System apps disabled
  • Deleted system apps by mistake
  • Contacts app data error

Methods to Fix “the process android.process.acore has stopped”

Caution: Please Backup the contacts or necessary data from your device just in case not suffer from data loss.


  • Go to Mobile settings > Applications manager > contacts > Storage. Now click on clear data and then tap on Clear Cache.
  • Switch off your device for two minutes and then switch it on.
  • This will resolve the issue for 70% of cases. If it doesn’t follow the next step.

Repairing the System apps deleted or disabled by mistake

  • First Download the Android Data Extraction App from its official website and install it on your pc.
  • Connect the android device to your pc with a USB cable and launch the software. Click an option from the left side named “Broken Android Data Extraction” and follow the guide to enter the download mode.
    • If your device stays in the broken screen, black screen, or any other faults > select the first option and hit start.
    • or If your device system is damaged > select the second option and hit start.
    • If the problem is not listed > select others and continue.
    • Select your device model and hit confirm.
  • This will start recovering and repair process.
  • Restart your android device.

Update Errors

  • If the previous updates have bugs and minor corrupted files often give this error message.
  • Check for updates and install them. This could stabilize your android os.
  • It doesn’t work then uninstall it and restart the device and then try to install it fresh. This method accounts for almost 5% of this particular error.

Factory Reset

Caution: Back up your data before starting the process.

If none of the above methods worked, then the final way is to do a Factory reset.

  • Go to Mobile Settings > Backup and Reset.
  • Select Factory Reset.
  • This will wipes data and resets your mobile as new.
  • This method is the highest success among the others.

All these methods we discussed are tested and proved. If the problems continue even after resetting the device, then your phone has hardware issues or outdated.