It’s a common question asked by a lot of people that how many months have 28 days. It’s a tricky question, if anyone asks me the same question that how many months of the year Has 28 days, then I would have answered that all of the months have 28 days.

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However, if someone asks that which particular month has 28 days? Then the answer would be February as it can be 28 days or 29 days.

How Many Months Of The Year Have 28 Days?

Since we have two forms of calendars. One is Lunar Calendar and another is Solar Calendar.

Lunar Calendar follows a cycle so it can only have either 29 days in one month or 30 days in one month. No month can have more than 30 days or less than 29 days though have twelve months like in Solar Calendar.

Solar Calendar, each month has the same amount of days unlike in Lunar Calendar, for instance, take the 1st month of a year may be of 30 days next year, the same month may not be of 30 days. The same goes for all twelve months.

Gregorian Solar Calendar just having their 2nd month of 28 days maximum for three years and we have to add one more day to make the same month of February as of 29 days and this year shall be called a ‘leap year.’

So, Actually every month having 28 days or more, certainly both in Lunar and in Solar Calendars.