Well, there are so many people who asked questions about windows 10 reinstallation. Some ask how many times can I use Windows 10 key?,Or how many times windows 10 serial key work?

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Actually, it depends on. If you use an OEM version of windows(pre-install on a pc) then you can install windows as many times as you want only on that device. You can’t install OEM version windows on any other device. The OEM version windows have restrictions with the device hardware. You can reinstall windows 10 many time on your device but

  • If you make too many changes in your device hardware like changing RAM, or upgrading it and at the same time changing the hard disk drive then your windows may think that it is a new device then the serial key won’t work for that case.
  • It never works on any other device, cause its license key is fixed for that hardware.

On the other hand, if you use Windows with the retail license you can use it at a time on any one computer. More generally, if you use the same windows serial key on two devices then you can’t run two devices simultaneously! You need to shut down anyone.

For a family pack windows, you can use the same serial key for 3 computers and you can run all devices at the same time. How many devices can use the same windows key at the same time differs for Enterprise customers? They can make a custom order for what they need.

Formally, you can reinstall windows as many times as you want but if you use the windows 10 key on two devices then you can’t run both. You have to shut down anyone. If you use OEM version windows then no matter what you can’t use this key on any other devices. And if there are too many hardware changes in an OEM version windows device then you can’t use that key on that device.

Also, it is illegal to use the same Windows serial key to activate Windows on more devices by the Microsoft Software License Terms.