You can create a Counter Strike Global Offensive Lan Server and enjoy games with your friends. For that, you need to make sure that all of your friends’ devices should be connected to the same network using a wifi router, hotspot, or Lan connection. You need to make one server pc, it can be your pc or your friends. After that, you need to start a competitive match and then press the ~ key to go to the console. This console or command prompt is for CSGO. If the console is disabled, you need to go to settings to enable it. Once enabled, type the following command and press enter.

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Once you input the command you will see a lot of things will be shown in the console. Among them collect your local IP address, which may look like this.

You need to copy/save that IP. Keep the game running on the pc and go to another pc that you want to play the game on. Launch the game and open the console and type the following command.


Replace the above IP Address with one of your server pc. Once all other players have joined by the same method, you can play together.

That’s How you can create a counter strike global offensive lan Server.