Simply, you can’t delete a question from Chegg. There are so many people who ask how to delete a question on Chegg? But actually, Chegg doesn’t work like this.

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If you subscribe to a student pack and post a question in Chegg and get its answer then you can not delete it. Chegg gives a facility that if your question has an answer and anybody has a Chegg Studypack subscription can view that answer. There is no option to change or delete that answer.

But there is a feature for a tutor who gives answers to your question, they can change their answer if there is anything wrong or something needs to be corrected. Although they can’t remove their answer.

Chegg only removes question or answer if it goes against their rules and regulation.If any content violates their rules they remove that question or answer immediately.

And if you think, you break any kind of rules and want to remove the question or answer you should fill a form and request them to remove your question. For that, you can visit here: