It’s very annoying if your mic picking up keyboard pressing sound. Like you are playing a game with your friends and due to the keyboard key pressing sound of your one friend, you can’t concentrate on the game. 

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This problem is very common and I always see people are asking in forums that “my mic picks up my keyboard” or “microphone picks up keyboard”, that’s why I will explain everything you need to know about why mic picking up keyboard sounds and a proper solution to stop mic from picking up the keyboard.

Why Does It Happen?

There can be a lot of reasons why it happens. For example, if your mic sensitivity is higher then it will gonna pick background noise as well as sounds from nearby. Besides, if your mic is not near to the mouth, naturally, it will pick a sound from the keyboard. Also, the polar pattern of the mic plays a great role. For example, to avoid the microphone picks up keyboard and mouse sound, it’s better to use a cardioid polar pattern microphone. 

How To Make Your Mic Not Pick Up Keyboard?

  • The first thing you can try with keyboard sensitivity is to set its sensitivity to lower if your mic has sensitivity control. When the sensitivity is higher, it will pick sounds from nearby. So when you set it to lower, it will only collect sound from your mouth.
  • To Minimize unwanted sound you can also use the microphone closer to your mouth.
  • Use a microphone with a directional pickup pattern, such as a cardioid. Do not use an omnidirectional polar pattern mic.
  • Put a cloth under the keyboard to reduce sound.

What is a Polar pattern?

The polar pattern is just a technical term to describe the directionality of a microphone or in simpler terms, it explains what area around the microphone will pick up audio best.

Cardioid vs. Omni-directional

Cardioid polar pattern microphone picks up audio directly in front of it. So, when you move the microphone to the side the audio will drop up. If you move the microphone all way back, it should have a pretty drastic drop-off in volume as well as it will cut out a lot of the higher frequencies. 

Omni-directional polar pattern microphone picks up audio all the way around the mic. So, if you spin the microphone around you shouldn’t hear any real drops in the volume of your voice. It will just remain consistent all the way around.