There are around 50 states in the United States of America. Some of the states are quite popular and well known to all. Every year, tourists visit different states of the USA. Some people came to America looking for a living or for some short holiday. Miami and Los Angeles is on the lists of major cities in the USA. Each year, these cities are crowded with tourists or people looking to get a new beginning. The main attraction of these cities is their compelling beauty and excitement. If you are wondering about starting a new life and want to move but can’t decide between Miami and Los Angeles then you are in the perfect place. When you want to move to a new city, researching about cities can be a hectic task. We are here to give relief from such an irritating job. Here you will find every possible comparison between the two cities and can decide for yourself which one will be better for a living.

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Miami Vs Los Angeles

Which city is affordable?

Miami and Los Angeles are both quite expensive. But according to a 2014 study by the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Los Angeles has the highest Rent money which has been unaffordable to many people. Los Angeles even has a high sales tax of 9% whereas Miami has only 7%, which is high but lower than Los Angeles. Los Angeles has a lower public transport fee than that of Miami. And there is no state income tax to be paid in Florida. So It can be said that Miami is more affordable than Los Angeles. In Miami, you can get more goods and services that can improve your standard of living.

Which state has better work opportunities?

Even though Los Angeles is pricey, this state has a huge job market. The average salary is much higher than in Miami. Los Angeles offers more versatile business opportunities.

Which state has better education?

Los Angeles has better educational institutes. People all over the world come to Los Angeles and California to pursue higher education. The universities in Los Angeles offer many desirable opportunities to everyone. Florida’s universities must not be underestimated since they are also the world-best. 

Which state has more natural calamities?

So both Miami and Los Angeles are affected by natural calamities each year. Miami is hit with hurricanes in the summer season that results in severe consequences. And Los Angeles gets hit by sudden earthquakes and wildfires. The wildfires occur in the forests or sometimes nearby residential areas. The hurricanes in Miami can be predicted but the earthquake or wildfire always come without a warning.

Which city has better beaches?

There are many famous and beautiful beaches in Los Angeles such as Malibu, Zuma, and Venice.  The beaches have chilling water and large waves that are perfect for surfing. But the beaches in Miami are superior to those in Los Angeles. With the Atlantic ocean along the coast, the water is warm that makes it satisfactory for bathing and swimming. The water is perfectly blue and calm with small waves. The beaches in both the cities are beautiful.

Which city has better weather?

Miami and Los Angeles have different climates, in fact, opposite climates. Miami is said to be very hot and Los Angeles cold. The relative humidity in summer in Miami is high which causes a lot of discomforts. The tropical monsoon lasts from May to October during which people face many difficulties and can’t live without air conditioning. Miami is warm and sunny in winter and that’s when this city is visited by most tourists. Los Angeles is very dry and has scarce rainfall. Los Angeles is better than Miami when it comes to weather. It is very pleasant during summer, spring, and winter but colder in winter.  Los Angeles is better than Miami when it comes to weather but most people prefer the warm Miami beaches during winter. 

Which state has more pollution?

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the world. Los Angeles is more crowded than Miami with an approximate population of 4.04 million. As we all know, more people create more pollution. Los Angeles is a huge city with a huge population, so it is hard to move around without a car.  According to the 2014 study by the American Lung Association, Los Angeles is the number one ozone pollutant. The air here has dense fog and is very polluted to breathe. Whereas Miami has a cleaner environment. Miami is greener than Los Angeles with tropical vegetation. Palm trees are common in Miami, all thanks to the warm tropical climate. Los Angeles is said to be the least green city in all of the USA. 

Which city has better nightlife?

Both Los Angeles and Miami have active nightlives. Miami is more of a place where you can party anywhere anytime. You can even party all night long on the beaches. Miami has one of the largest party resorts in the world. The bar remains open all night long.  Whereas in Los Angeles, it is more like a tourist place. 

Which city has a better neighborhood?

One of the important questions here, you need good and polite neighbors when you move to a new city. Miami has a record with friendlier people than Los Angeles. Both of these cities have high crime rates, but the rate is higher in Los Angeles. Poverty, vanity, and violence are high in Los Angeles. The crime rate in Miami is intensified in Los Angeles.

Which city has the best places?

Los Angeles is more of a star city, with most celebrities and Hollywood. Miami and Los Angeles are typical American cities with tall skyscrapers. Los Angeles is a multinational and Miami is a multicultural city. Los Angeles is said to be the most attractive state in America. There are many beautiful buildings with attractive architecture that can be seen here. This city is in fact the most fashionable state in all of the United States. Los Angeles has the best restaurants. Los Angeles is the largest entertainment industry and It is called the “Mecca of Cinema”.