It’s really a normal thing for PS3 to get hot as it is a warm system. However, overheating is a major problem but that won’t happen if you keep it well-ventilated. The first and foremost thing to do for an overheating PS3 is to blow it out from time to time. Frequently cleaning won’t let this problem occur. However, in case it happens, there are some steps for the PS3 overheating fix.

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PS3 overheating is generally caused by dust issues. It is important to clean all air vents in PS3 regularly to keep it cool. Otherwise, dust can block all air vents. Sometimes the PS3 overheating issue occurs due to thermal paste dry-out in the processor.

Here are a few tips to solve this heating problem:

  • Firstly, check all air vents and make sure that there is no dust or debris. Otherwise, you should clean it carefully. You can use a vacuum cleaner, or compress air with a nozzle. If you use compressed air then avoid high-pressure air because it may damage your inside components.
  • If you can check the thermal paste on the heatsinks, re-apply thermal paste. It might help to reduce the heat.
  • Clear the dust as much as possible where you put your PS3.
  • Sometimes processor fans accumulate dirt on the wings and reduce the flow of air. For that, clean the wings and make sure that the fan works perfectly.

Do these things perfectly. In case, it doesn’t reduce your PS3 overheating issues then we recommend you to handover your PS3 to a good technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I stop my PS3 from overheating?

    To stop your PS3 from getting overheated, make sure to clean it every once a week. Also, vacuum it if there is excessive dust or debris. Keep clean the area where your PS3 is located.

  2. What should I do to stop my PS3 slim overheating problem?

    For the PS3 slim overheating issue, check on the AC power cable for the white text. If it is not facing up both on the outlet side and PS3, then make sure to do so.