It’s very frustrating when you get a call that has been canceled. To be honest, it seems to be that the person you called canceled the call but it’s not. It’s you why the call has been canceled.

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What Does Cancelled Call Mean?

“Cancelled Call” means if you call someone and you cut the call before the person picks up the call. It’s not because of the network or internet connection. It’s because you canceled the call. It’s hard to say if the person saw the call or not. If you hear a ringing sound then the call was successful and the person you tried to call will get a notification.

What Happens When Recipient rejects the call? 

If you call someone and he rejects your call, you will hear an automated voice saying the number you have dialed is busy now.

Reason Behind canceling a call

It’s very common that we cancel someone’s call and there can be a lot of reasons.

You are Busy

The first reason is you are busy doing some important work and you are not willing to talk with someone as it may distract you. It’s very common like you are doing important work and if you talk with anyone you may miss some important point. So, it’s better to complete the work first then you can call back.

Is it really good?

To be honest, No. Maybe the person is calling for important work or someone got an accident or some important issue which is important for you to be known. So, if you have any person with you, ask him to pick the call for you and you should concentrate on your work. In case there is no one then wait if the person is calling twice or more than that, then you should pick up as it may be important as he is calling for quite long. After picking up, if the call is not that important then ask him to call you later or you can say I will call you after completing my work.

You are Driving

It’s very important that not to talk while driving. In research, it’s found that most of the accidents caused because of talking while driving. If the call is important, then you should park your car near to the road and talk with the person. If there is no parking spot then drive more to get a spot. 

On the smartphone, there is a mode named Driving. Which sends a message automatically to the person who is calling if the mode is on. So, I always suggest using it while driving. Also, it gives a problem, like when you activate the mode, you may forget to turn it off after driving. I have faced this problem a lot of times. So, Be careful. 

Not In Mood to talk

Our mood can change easily. It’s because of the surroundings. When we are in bad mood, we don’t want to talk with anyone. So, we ignore if anyone calls us. It’s very common with me. Like I am doing my work or studying, I don’t pick any calls from my friends. As they may ask me to go out with them, which may ruin my study or work. After completing my work or study I call them back and ask them why they called. 

What are some other types of calls?

There are few other types of calls you need to know. Here we have discussed it.

  • Missed Call: When someone calls you and you don’t pick the call up, that’s a missed call. You will get a notification of who was calling you. You can also get the number from the call log.
  • Received Call: When someone calls you and you pick the call up, that’s a received call.
  • Robo Call: When you get a call by automatic machine then it’s a robocall. We sometimes get this type of call and they promote their business or share awareness messages.
  • Cold Call: When the caller is unknown to you, that’s the cold call.

What Does Cancelled Facetime Mean?

If you call you using Facetime and cancel it before picking then it’s a Cancelled Facetime.

What Does Call Cancelled Mean On Android?

If you call you using Android and cancel it before picking then it’s a call on android.

What Does Cancelled Call Mean iPhone?

If you call you using iPhone and cancel it before picking then it’s a call on iPhone.

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed everything in detail, we think it’s now clear to you. Additionally

If you call someone and hang up before it rings it’s also a Cancelled Call.

If you have any questions, please comment below, we will try to answer your question.