Let’s suppose you ordered a good-looking bag online and are wondering when you will receive it. You keep checking the website and after a few hours or days, you get a message that your product is “Out For Delivery”. Now, the question strikes: What is Out For Delivery?

Most of us ought to think “Out of Delivery” means the product is in the vehicle on the way to our homes, but actually that is not what it means. “Out For Delivery” in fact means that our product has left the original factory or warehouse from where you ordered.

This means you will get your product the day you get the “Out for delivery” message or the next day. “Out For Delivery” is basically one of the last steps of reaching your product into your hands.

Basically “Out for delivery” is a term mostly used in online shopping. It generally means that the carrier has left with your package from the last facility. If you are planning on COD(cash on delivery), then you should be ready to pay your bill. Generally, your product arrives in a day or two, after the “Out For Delivery” notification.

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How does the delivery process work?

Normally, a delivery process has the following steps(may vary):

  1. Information Received
  2. Picked Up
  3. In Transit
  4. Out for Delivery
  5. Delivered

Information Received:

Information received means the carrier has gotten your request. When you check out your cart after pressing buy on a product, that is when the Information Received is checked. The carrier then gets the notification of carrying your product to your mailing address.

Picked Up:

Well, this is the second status of your product shipment. Well, you can understand by its words, Picked Up means the carrier has picked up the goods from the shipping point. It is at the first facility of the carrier’s logistics. The package is then received, weighed, and packed.  After this status is affirmative, the next status of the package is checked to In Transit.

In Transit:

In Transit basically means that your package is traveling between the first and last facility of the carrier’s logistics. The package is shipped from its original factory or warehouse to the last facility where the carrier takes it out for delivery.

Out For Delivery:

Well, this is the last step where the product stays within the carrier’s facility before reaching your hands. Once a product is ticked out for delivery, the product is ready to be shipped.

What happens in this step is that the packages with the status “In Transit” are kept inside a bin. The delivery van arrives at the delivery post office, they scan the barcode on the packages. Once a package is scanned, the package is ready to be marked as “Out for delivery”. The packages marked “Out For Delivery” are then loaded in the van. After that, the carrier leaves with them to deliver at their respective mailing address.


This is the last step in the delivery process. After your product reaches the address you provided on the website. It also indicates that the recipient has received the package.

After you buy a product online, you can keep track of the product or know where your product is. Well, this of course depends on the merchant, whether or not they allow tracking of products. Again, many online websites allow tracking of the product purchased. You can see the location of the product and also the delivery man after the product is marked “Out For Delivery”.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you see the “Out For Delivery” notification on your mobile or PC, there are a ton of questions that your curious mind asks. So we have tried to answer some of the FAQs.

  1. Does out for delivery mean I will get it today?

    Generally “Out for Delivery” means the product is the delivery van on the way to its address. So It might take a day or two to reach your address. If you are lucky enough, you might get it the same day.

    Well, if you order food online, you generally get it the day you ordered, maybe after an hour or two.

  2. How long does it take for “out for delivery”?

    After your product is “Out for delivery”, It generally takes a day or two to reach your doorstep. But the time isn’t exact. You might get your package in a week or maybe in a month.

  3. Why did my package out for delivery never arrive?

    If your package is “Out for delivery” but didn’t reach your address, It might be because your package somehow missed the scan and was brought back to its terminal. It might be because the carrier delivered it to another address. Another reason is that the product was somehow misplaced on another van. 
    So, it is ideal to contact the merchant or the website when your product doesn’t get to you at an estimated time.

  4. What to do when the status is set to Out for Delivery?

    When your product is “Out for delivery”, it means your product has left the warehouse and is on the way to your address. If you're planning on COD or Cash On Delivery, you might want to be ready to pay for your product.

    You should keep your handy active, the one you have filled while you were ordering the product. Because, in case of emergency the delivery man can call you, to know the exact address or so.

  5. Difference between “Out for Delivery” and “Shipped”

    There are tons of phrases that might seem confusing. We understand the pain. Some websites use “shipped” when their product has left their warehouse. But Is “Out for Delivery” and “Shipped” the same?
    Well, technically No, they are not the same.

    “Shipped” means the company got your order, packed it and the carrier has left with it to your address, or the carrier is yet to receive the request to leave with it to your address.

    On the other hand, “Out For Delivery” means the product has left the warehouse and you might receive your product the day you got your “Out For Delivery” notification.

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