There are a lot of windows services which cause network bandwidth issues and “” is one of them. Many companies typically use WSUS (Microsoft’s Windows Server Update Services) or SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) to manage Windows 10 clients. However, IT pros lose control over when new updates arrive.

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How to FIx “” Using Massive Internet?

Solution 1:

  • Disable Proxy Setting and then Restart the computer and then perform the update and then bring back proxy settings.
  • Secondly, Disable Windows store update and turn off the store application.
  • In the local Group Policy Editor, Disable windows insider program build settings.
    • First Go to Computer Configuration.
    • Administrative Templates.
    • Then Windows Components.
    • Windows Update.
    • Then Windows Update for Business.
    • Finally, Manage Preview Builds.
  • Select Disable preview Builds.

Solution 2: Try to set your internet as Metered.

  • Right click on the Start Button or you can press Windows + X key and then select settings.
  • Then go to Network & Internet > Status > Change connection properties.
  • Now toggle the Set as metered connection option to On. This should set the Internet connection as Metered one.

If you’re on Windows 10 V2004 or later Version, try to set absolute bandwidth to limit bandwidth for foreground and background downloads.