In this following article, I am going to discuss when was walking invented. The research concludes that about 375 million years ago, first walking was invented. Many of you may not know walking is also known as ‘fishapod’. According to a report of an old animal’s fossilized survives, the ancient living beings pulled themselves from the water and stepped their foot on lands which are kind of similar to mutation. From being to water beings, they turned into the prompted four-legged living beings whom we call reptiles.

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The entire existence of this information was researched back then from the bones of Tiktaalik, a freshwater animal that lived through about 375M years. It used its flippers to walk on the land just like it surfed in the water.

At first, Tiktaalik fossils were found on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada back in 2004. The first discovery was made by Edward B.Daeschler of the Academy of Natural science, Neil H.Shubin from the University of Chicago, and Professor Farish A. Jenkin Jr from Harvard University. They altogether published it on 6th April 2006. Technically we can say Tiktaalik is a fish that has a complete scale and gills which has a shape of a triangle, flattened head, and rare fins.

You can compare their head with a crocodile head. As they have four legs so it has a combination of features of walking onto the land just like amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The actual size of this love-finned fish was usually 2.5m up to 3 meters long, which is 9 feet. Researches only found the bones of this interesting creature just because it lived millions of years ago from today. Researches have also found that as they had spiracles on the top of their head, which means this interesting creature had primitive lungs as well as gills, and this used to help them in shallow water where the amount of oxygen is low. Tiktaalik also compared with gars of the family ‘Lepisosteidae’.